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Club Rules

Here at SMG we strive in making a statement, but that statement comes with respect. If you're approved to be on the SMG Team you WILL respect the industry, the companies you work with, and every event/show you attend. SMG will take this very seriously and has the right to terminate your membership with NO REFUND if you decide to go against club rules. 


  • SMG decal(s) must also be displayed on your approved vehicle during the duration of your membership.

  • Any product that is purchased with our specific code, we ask that you post the product when you receive it as well as tag the company in all posts after the product is installed on your vehicle

  • Club members are NOT allowed to share codes with individuals outside of the club. We see all purchases used with out code. If we see that codes are being shared by a club member you will be immediately terminated.

  • All parts purchased using club discount codes must be installed on YOUR club approved vehicle.

  • The yearly payment is taken out on the same date every year, to cancel you must email us BEFORE the date of renewal. 

  • We will NOT offer refunds for subscriptions if you FAIL to reach out to us to cancel. 

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